Am I Due an ACC Refund?

You could well be! Most of the time your ACC invoices will have been correctly issued. However, the ACC can get it wrong. Because we can analyse invoices from any of the last five years here at levyrefunds.co.nz, your chances of a refund are good.

Everybody’s ACC situation is different, and there are a variety of factors that can result in you having overpaid your ACC. We’re great at analysing information from you and information from the ACC to calculate if you’re owed a refund during the last five years — in fact, we’re the only dedicated ACC levy refunds company in New Zealand.

How Do I Claim My ACC Refund?

Claiming your ACC refund is simple! Fill in our online ACC refund application; it only takes a few minutes for each business or individual. We do the hard work and will let you know if you have a refund owing from the ACC or not.

How Much Will My ACC Refund Be?

Everybody’s ACC situation is different and until you provide us with the information specified in the application form we are unable to accurately calculate what you’re owed.Unlike a tax return where you either have tax to pay or a refund, with the ACC your invoicing will either have been correct with no refund due or you will be due an ACC refund.

How Much Does Your Service Cost?

We operate a “no refund, no fee” policy for our ACC invoice reassessment service. This means that if you don’t receive an ACC refund you will not be charged. You essentially get a free invoice analysing service.

Our fee is 33% of the ACC refund you receive. Our flat fee policy means there is no minimum fee charged. No matter how small your refund, 67% of it will always come back to you.

We deduct our fees from your ACC refund prior to the balance being paid to you, so you don’t need to worry about dealing with invoices and paying us separately.

What Do I Need to Provide?

We only need you to provide your ACC number or your IRD number, along with your New Zealand driver licence details. With your authority we’re able to access your ACC invoicing information from the ACC and carry out all of the hard work for you. If you don’t have a New Zealand driver licence, you don’t have to miss out — we will contact you with other options for verifying your identity.

When Will I Receive My ACC Refund?

We aim to ensure that you will receive your refund within six to twelve weeks after you place an application with us. To obtain an ACC refund, we are required to provide written communications to the ACC, so this process does take time.

How Will I Receive My Refund?

You will receive a refund cheque in the mail, along with all ACC documentation that we have received as a result of your ACC refund review. We will also issue you with a GST invoice for the service fee which will have already been deducted from the ACC refund.

What Happens With My Mail from the ACC?

During the time that we are managing your refund, we will receive your ACC mail to manage the refund process. Any mail not related to the refund request will be emailed to you as it is received and the originals will be sent to you with your ACC refund. Once we have completed the ACC refund process, you will receive all ACC mail directly.

Can Your Service Result in Additional ACC Invoicing Costs?

No — our service will provide one of two results: either you will receive an ACC refund, or we will confirm that we haven’t been able to identify any overpayment in your ACC invoicing.

Will an ACC Refund Affect My ACC Cover?

You need not worry — your ACC cover value and ACC invoicing is based on the tax return information supplied to the ACC by the IRD. We don’t file or change your tax return information with the IRD and therefore your ACC cover and benefits are unaffected.

There are two situations during which the ACC may have provided you with cover by mistake. If this is the situation for you, we will send you a letter explaining the situation. We will not undertake an ACC invoice reassessment in this situation, until you have given us signed authority, as this would affect your historical ACC cover value and benefits. If anything isn’t quite normal, you can be assured that our number one priority is communicating with you.

Is My Information Secure?

Absolutely. Your privacy is hugely important to us. We only ever have access to your ACC invoicing information — never to anything related to claims made with the ACC or related medical information.

Any information we collect when working for you is subject to strict confidentiality. We don’t disclose any of it to other parties, except as required by law so that the ACC can undertake reviews if needed.

Why Do You Need My ACC Account or IRD Number?

Your unique ACC account is issued to you by the ACC for identification and invoicing purposes. We need your ACC account to act as your agent and access your ACC information to check whether you are due an ACC refund.

We only require your IRD account if you are not able to supply your ACC number. Your IRD number along with your ACC mailing address and name details allows us to obtain your ACC account for you, giving us access to the information we need.

Why Do You Need My Address Details?

We need your address details to send your ACC refund. It also acts as another form of security to confirm your identity with the ACC — both the ACC and LevyRefunds.co.nz emphasise your privacy at all times.

Can I Contact the ACC Directly?

Yes — anyone can talk to the ACC about their own ACC invoicing affairs. Our service helps you manage your ACC affairs by providing you with professional ACC experts who act on your behalf — meaning you get the best result with the least amount of hassle.

What are ACC Classification Units for Individuals?

Your individual ACC classification unit is based on the main business activity that you personally undertake to provide services or produce products for generating income.

Your individual classification unit can be different from the one used by a business you own and work for. For example, if one member of a partnership has an administrative role and the other an operations role, then each person will have a different classification unit to describe their own work role.

What are ACC Classification Units for Businesses?

The ACC classification unit is based on the main business activity undertaken to provide services or produce products for sale to external customers.

What If I Have a Question Not Covered Here?

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

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